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Our business has been built on the following beliefs

Our Mission:

To build office furniture that exceeds the customer's expectations, through people, programs and products. It is the support of our PEOPLE that allow us to provide our dealers with PROGRAMS that differentiate us and add value to our sale.

Our Values:

Each decision we make is based on doing the right thing for our CUSTOMERS, our EMPLOYEES, and our VENDORS. This statement of ethical behavior is expected of all our people, throughout every business transaction, and is the philosophy behind our Key Dealer partnering program.

Our Vision:

To build a company where people have an opportunity to grow, as they continually raise the quality level of products and service. We build a company around people that build the company. Our PEOPLE are our most valuable asset.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact any of us by emailing by clicking on a name below:

 Alan Robins  CEO  

Or by phone at these numbers:

Customer Service   616-988-0881 
Fax Number  616-988-0892 
Toll Free  877-800-3560 


Business Hours

Our support Hotline is
available 9 Hours a day

Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm EST
Weekend: Closed