Penn State Altoona

Hawthorn Building


The new Hawthorn building at Penn State Altoona consists of approximately 58,000 square feet. Of that total, 10,000 square feet of the building was dedicated to a new computer center. The construction plans included three computer classrooms, two of which would be adjoining for lecture and computer labs.

The University wanted a specific layout and specially designed desks with a flat screen monitor holder. The idea was that the flat screen monitor would be attached to the underside of the training table, allowing for the monitor to be opened and closed easily. Secondarily, the University want- ed the instructor and students to have comfortable eye to eye contact above the monitors while doing lab work on the computer. When not in use, the monitor door simply shuts, returning to a full workspace area for note taking. Additionally, the flat screen desk design enables the instruc- tor to control usage time of the computers during lab hours.

Key Factors for Choosing Design Options
The ability to accommodate Penn State by designing a Flat Screen Training Table that provided wire management and could be daisychained for power and by offering both one and two seated Flat Screen Training Tables to meet the needs of the room layout made working with Design Options the best choice for the job.

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Printed February 2005