State University of New York

Timed Deliveries Coordinated with New Construction


Create separate departments within a large space with various levels of privacy, without any additional construction of walls. Maximum storage must be integrated into all workstations without limiting kneespace, including overhead storage as well as separate storage areas. Shipping and installation must coordinate with an ever-changing and tight construction schedule. On-site installation to be fully supported by Design Options personnel.

Specifying freestanding workstations of varied furniture and linking configurations separated departments and established inter-department hierarchies. Seated privacy was accomplished through the use of screens which attach to the worksurfaces while double stacking overheads provide for standing privacy and two-tier storage opportunities above workstations. To provide increased kneespace in smaller workstations Design Options incorporated mobile filing pedestals which can be stored under the worksurface when the space is not in use. The product ordered was divided into separate deliveries that coordinated with the carpet installation of the new construction. A Design Options Installation Manager was on-site to supervise every aspect of the product installation.

Key Factors for Choosing Design Options
No additional walls were needed for privacy so that construction costs were kept to a minimum. Design Options coordinated product manufacturing and delivery to coincide with changing construction schedules. On-site supervision of installation by Design Options

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ny addition 1The Design Options Elements system allowed a large area at the State University of New York to be broken down into smaller departmental areas and the establishment of inter-department hierarchies. The use of privacy screens and stackable overshelf systems to accomplish this provided the privacy desired by workers, without incurring the cost of building extra walls or sacrificing leg room.







suny 3d traceThe production and shipping of the system ordered was coordinated with the carpet installation at the site. A Design Options installation manager was present on site to ensure the installation process ran smoothly in concert with the completion of the construction process.









State University of New York
With construction costs mounting and a new semester on the horizon, the State University of New York was looking for a furniture manufacturer that could accomplish the many design goals of the new administrative space and also work with them to meet changing construction deadlines. Design Options offered the variety of product needed for a complicated specification combined with value and flexibility. Privacy and separation of departments within an open floor plan was created by utilizing the modular furniture philosophy of Design Options. Timed deliveries coordinated with construction schedules for a seamless installation process, supervised on-site by a Design Options team member.

"By using Design Options furniture, we were able to divide the areas using the double stacking features of the overhead storage and at the same time adding storage saving inches of valuable floor space." - Karyl Julien

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Printed February 2002