DeSales University

A Design Friendly and Ergonomic Work Environment


Utilize all available space by fitting worksurfaces around existing structural columns in a series of administrator's offices. Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing work environment using ergonomic edge treatments and curvilinear workstation layouts was a primary concern. There was also a need to incorporate as much filing space as possible without specifying freestanding lateral files.

Carefully measured cutouts were incorporated into the worksurfaces providing a glove-like fit for the existing structural columns. Design Form ergonomic edges were applied to curvilinear sweeps and arcs, providing attractive and functional worksurfaces. Design Options was able to maintain an unobstructed worksurface by utilizing maximum storage space above and below the desks, fulfilling the need to contain filing to the primary units without the use of freestanding lateral files.

Key Factors for Choosing Design Options
Design Options was able to provide unique solutions and a custom installation while maintaining a mid-level price point with guaranteed ship dates. The client was impressed with the product's durability combined with a lifetime warranty attached to all aspects of the furniture.

Case Study Images

desaleIn order to accommodate their needs, custom cutouts had to be incorporated into the worksurfaces destined for DeSales University. The flexibility of our manufacturing process and modular design of the Elements line allowed the chosen system to be built around columns and other preexisting structural elements.









desale isoCreating a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace was a primary requirement for DeSales University. To address this requirement, Design Form edges were applied to curvilinear sweeps and arcs providing an ergonomic, attractive, and functional workspace.









University of Georgia
The administrative offices of DeSales University were redesigned with gently sweeping tables transitioning into curvilinear corners, creating an ergonomic work environment with a designer feel. Based on the Elements product line, Design Options made custom modifications that seamlessly integrated the furniture with the space. Enough functional storage was created using standard Design Options configurations so that no freestanding lateral files were needed. The new Design Form Edge used on the worksurfaces provides comfort to the user.

(Dr. Blumstein) loves his office so much that he drives in on the weekends sometimes just to work in a very efficient environment." - Debora Roberson, Architect/Designer
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