Grossmont College

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Configure a room that accomodates multiple functions in the Technical Services area of Learning Resources. Individual workstations for Acquisitions, Cataloging, Processing, Purchasing, Receiving, Repair and a Mail Center to the staff.

Large workstations that allowed Technical Services staff to perform their work in a more efficient manner. Personal Computers are located in corner workstations allowing ample room for paperwork. In the Printing area the various standard DesignOptions products solved unique problems within the confined spaces.

Key Factors for Choosing Design Options
DesignOptions is the selected supplier of furniture for this expanding College. Furniture has been installed in many areas including the new Learning and Technology Resource Center.

Case Study Images



Grossmont2Printing Services area shown using variety of products to make efficient work areas.











Printing services shown using combination of overshelfs and bookcases.






Grossmont College
"We were able to be creative with bookcases, storage cabinets, and tables with overshelf storage to meet all the funiture needs of Printing Services."
- Walter Sachau, Campus Project Manager
Grossmont College

Dealership: BKM Total Office of California
San Diego, California
Contact - Roy Lange
Update - January 2005