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Freestanding Bookcases Define Space


Organize a large space (within a larger open space) into multiple workstations utilizing as much open storage as possible. The system should be expandable and reconfigurable to accommodate future growth. To give the space an upgraded look, a stylish edge option is desired with no up-charge. Since the space is occupied, installation must be quick and easy.

Created a defined area where freestanding bookcases doubled as walls. The open bookcases provided the enormous amount of easily accessible storage that was required. Workstations were specified using standard Design Options elements that can be easily reconfigured and expanded with the anticipated growth of the department. A fluted T-mold edge option for the worksurfaces was available with no up-charge.

Key Factors for Choosing Design Options
Design Options versatile, modular, and freestanding furniture addressed every aspect of the project. Not only was the cost considerably less than a comparable panel system, but the installation was smooth and quick.

Case Study Images

georgia 2Large freestanding bookcases were used to partition a large open space into multiple work areas. In addition, the bookcases provide easily accessible storage.







georgia 1Not only does Design Options Elements enable efficient use of space, it is a modular freestanding system. The modularity of the Elements line makes it easy to install and reconfigure, reducing initial cost and cost over the lifetime of the system.









University of Georgia
The library at the University of Georgia needed to update its facility by defining a space for new workstations within the larger open space of the library. Not only did library personnel need the privacy of individual work stations, but there was also a necessity for a large amount of open storage that could be easily accessed by everyone. After reviewing a variety of panel systems, it was evident that installation and expansion was going to be difficult and expensive if they chose to go that direction. A tour of a major Design Options installation at a nearby Department of Transportation facility opened up the possibility that a freestanding, modular system could be the answer. Design Options was able to supply the library with the defined space, added storage and upgraded look that they desired for much less than a comparable panel system. And as the library expands, their furniture is ready to expand with them.

"Once the decision was made to go with Design Options, the Library Committee was quite pleasantly surprised with the speed of their installation. All three phases of this project were installed in six (6) days, and installation could have been completed even quicker if we had been going into unoccupied space"
- Neal Marwitz, Franklin McNeal LTD

Dealership: Franklin McNeal LTD
Duluth, Georgia
Contact - Neal Marwitz
Mid South Associates
Printed February 2002